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Connected healthcare, where you are in control

Das:Lab provides simple, flexible and confidential digital workflows for medical tests and vaccinations, designed for patients, doctors, and laboratories.


Designed for your peace of mind

Take control of your healthcare by booking medical tests on your own terms. Order the best at-home kits or find convenient, well-rated locations where you can get tested or vaccinated.

Access your history, obtain certificates or share your results with telehealthcare providers at the touch of a button.


We have expanded our offering to help businesses and travel agencies resume operations, while adhering to Covid-19 restrictions. We provide the software and logistics to enable flow testing and implement on-site vaccination programmes.



Your partner for modular end-to-end solutions for diagnostics

Whether you are a small medical practice or an international lab chain, our platform can deliver a state-of-the-art, user-friendly experience for you and your customers, so you can focus on what you do best.

All you have to do to set up your Das:Lab operation is define your own prices, choose to use your own test-tubes or barcodes, issue your own certificates, and add your own legal terms. Our platform manages billing, notifications, compliance, customer support, client feedback and more.


Telehealth: Access international lab coverage


Doctors: Seamless integration between your practice, labs and patients via our digital platform.


Labs: Increase the reach of your products and services to a wider client base


Research: Request access and connect to real-time data and stakeholders


Others: Tap into our service to provide value to a wider range of clients.


APIs designed for quick and easy integration

Das:Lab provides a seamless data-driven experience by bridging data silos and playing an important role in the aggregation and standardisation processes. Your developers can focus on value, while we handle the rest.

Here are some examples of what we can do together.


Telehealth: integrate international laboratory coverage for your user base.


Labs: connect your LIS or legacy systems for secure, standardised and real-time result delivery


Request access to patient data, updates, and sync with existing systems


Provide external services to doctors, labs or patients via our integration store



Where we’ve come from and where we’re heading.

It was during the height of the pandemic that Das:Lab’s founders were inspired to get involved, primarily for social impact reasons. After several pivots, they felt the best way to contribute to the crisis and SDG3 was to create a high-performance diagnostics platform. Health journeys have historically been fragmented so our platform addresses that by giving patients better control of their health.

By providing our customers with better access to lab tests and digitising diagnostics, we are revolutionising healthcare. Working with speed, accuracy, and confidentiality as our core values, Das:Lab was able to build workflows for PCR, Antigen & Antibody Testing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Following that success, we have been working to develop a host of applications for which our state-of-the-art healthcare and logistic platform to support our clients’ health journeys during the pandemic and beyond.

Our team comprises confirmed experts in healthcare, logistics, and software development. Our partners include reputed telehealth providers, laboratories and led-tech companies, as well as sample takers and doctors across Europe and beyond.

Because ‘70% of medical decisions are based on lab results’(Quest Diagnostics,2014), our vision is to become the world leader in digital lab testing.


Das:Lab was founded


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Ready to begin?

We have a simple pricing structure so you can get your lab, medical practice or telehealth service connected to the fastest growing end-to-end diagnostics platform in no time.

Offer your customers world-class service with one of our flexible plans.

Speak to one of our team members to find out more.

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Transaction fee


starting at, per test*

  • Storefront
  • Scheduling
  • Billing / Payments
  • Corporate codes
  • Customer support
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Webhook events

Setup fee


per organisation**

  • Multiple locations
  • Delivery or onsite
  • Flexible workflows
  • Dedicated support hotline
  • Account setup assistence
  • Compliance assistence
  • API access

Custom Integrations

On request

  • Teleheath modules
  • Research modules
  • Lab information systems
  • Travel passes
  • Vaccine passports
  • and more...
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Das:Lab vs. the others

We’re much better than the competition. Here’s some more of what we have to offer, which you won’t find elsewhere.

  • Our unique platform makes it possible for you to sell a very wide range of your own products.
  • We can ensure your products are accessible to a large audience in the most user-friendly and convenient manner.
  • Our powerful integrated online shop and API are compatible with the 3rd party software you already use, and we offer many value-added services to your customer.
  • We are the only providers with a full customer service and feedback platform.